Our core values are to respect, support and promote the dignity, rights and self-determination of all our clients.
We believe that every individual irrespective of their physical, social or psychological condition has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to be supported to maintain choice and control over their own lives. We work in a person-centred way to identify individual goals and ambitions, focusing on enablement and the promotion of personal dignity.

Our ethos is to provide a safe, homely environment with opportunities for all our clients to extend and enhance the quality of their lives. We view independence, choice and control as the fundamental determinant of the quality of life.

Supporting vulnerable people to maximise their potential for independence and achieve fulfilling lifestyles as we strongly believe that every person, regardless of the challenges they face, can accomplish extraordinary achievements with the right level of assistance Young people and adults alike are supported to access the local community, find employment, education, apprenticeships, work placements and develop friendships and networks, with the aim of gradually reducing the level of support and building independence skills.

We believe that working together with our partners and professionals offers the best possible outcomes for the needs of our clients.

Our wide service options enable us to offer move-on services within the same organisation, thereby ensuring a cost effective and seamless transition between services as independence develops resulting in better outcomes for our clients and best value for local authority.

Our care and support are delivered by a dedicated and multi-disciplinary team of staff committed to delivering quality care and support focused on the needs of clients.

Our recruitment processes ensure that everyone we employ undergoes all of the necessary background and reference checks before starting work. Through a rolling programme of training and development, we are able to support our teams to be skilled, motivated, informed and involved in their services.

Our enthusiastic and highly trained teams work hard to ensure we provide consistency, continuity and quality care and support for everyone regardless of age or background, which in turn helps vulnerable people develop and grow in order to reach their full potential.

We have a deep understanding and appreciation of different cultures, ethnic minority and faith groups which is also reflected across our management team and diverse staff.

We have years of experience providing supported living services, offering flexible packages, bespoke services, with a wide range of accommodation, supported by highly trained qualified staff and with the use of effective, efficient quality management systems

Quality and Safety of our services

All of our services are regulated and inspected by their relevant regulatory body – e.g. the Care commission, all local authorities and frame work lead authorities. This ensures that our services operate legally, safely and with focus on providing the right kind of support for people to achieve their goals and evidence positive outcomes.

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