Did you know that approximately 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disabilities and learning disability affects the way a person learns and deals with all aspects of life such as developing practical and social skills, understanding complex information, managing money and health.

People with learning disabilities often find it difficult to cope with some aspects of their day-to-day lives and may require care and support to develop the skills needed to continue to live independently.

Learning disability can be mild, moderate or severe, whereas, some people with a mild learning disability can talk easily and look after themselves, but may take longer than usual to learn new skills. Others may not be able to communicate at all and may have more than one disability therefore the level of support required depends on the severity of an individual’s learning disability.

What causes learning disabilities?
Learning disabilities happen when a person’s brain development is affected, either before they are born, during birth or early childhood or even after a tragic accident.

Factors that affect brain developments include:
• The mother becoming ill in pregnancy
• Problems during the birth that stops oxygen getting to the brain of the child
• The unborn developing certain genes
• The parents passing certain genes to the unborn baby that make having a learning disability more likely
• Illness, such as meningitis, or injury in early childhood
• But in some cases there are no known causes

Our learning disabilities services
With our person centred care and support plans, most individuals with a learning disabilities can enjoy meaningful, independent and fulfilling lives. They are able to exercise their rights and have a say and choice in dealing with various aspects of their lives.

At Impacting Lives we provide individual placements as well as small group homes for people with learning disabilities and homes are provided in areas of your choice.

We do our very best to go above and beyond in supporting people with learning disabilities to live their lives to the best of their abilities. We support individuals in maintaining existing skills as well as encouraging them to discover and develop new skills, opportunities and interests

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