Youth offending is a significant problem throughout England and wales but in particularly in areas of socio-economic deprivation.

Human behaviour (like acts of crime and disorder) is an outcome of the interaction Between an individual’s characteristics and experiences and the features of the environments in which they operates (Bronfenbrenner, 1979; Magnusson and Statin,1998; Wikström, 2006).

Therefore we at Impacting lives believes that to change a young person’s behaviour we can, in principle, Either support the young person to change or then change the environments in which they operate or apply both principles.

Impacting lives provides:
• Homes specifically for children and young people that have a history of offending behaviour. Our homes provide 24 hours care and support services.
• We cover a large geographic area therefore we are able to offer young people placement in wide range of areas, change the environment in which they are to give them a fresh start.
• Our homes and services provide a safe and confidential environment where young people can seek help, advice and support regarding offending behaviour and its consequences
• Support young people to engage in services in the community such as youth offending Teams aimed at helping young people address their offending behaviour.
• Work with youth offending teams and young people to reduce crime in the community.
• Practical life coaching, mentorship and Independence training.
• We support young people to re-engage with education, into apprenticeships, work experience and work.
• Depending on the package of support, Young persons are offered a range of therapeutic interventions including one-to- one counselling, group-work sessions etc.
• Support in buildingself-confidence,self-esteem, make positive choices and build positive networks
• Working with young people to identify, deal with and overcome barriers in their lives.

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