Few social issues impact so comprehensively on society as alcohol and substance misuse. Alarmingly, children and young people are increasingly misusing alcohol and illegal substances. This can have severe consequences for the child or young person and their family, and the community as a whole.

Consequences of alcohol and substance misuse range from;
• non-attendance, engagement and poor attainment at school,
• poor health,
• mental health issues,
• risk of committing crime to support ‘habits’
• Increased risk of being a victim of violent crime, sexual exploitation and many more.

Impacting lives provides:
•Homes specifically for young people that are abusing alcohol and substances. Our homes provide 24 hours care and support services.

•Our homes and services provide a safe and confidential environment where children and young people can seek help, advice and support regarding alcohol and substance misuse.

•Support young people to engage in services in the community aimed at helping young people overcome their alcohol and substance misuse.

•Working closely with young people closely to tackle the root cause of alcohol and substance misuse/underling issues and difficulties that are making them abuse drugs and alcohol.

•Practical life coaching, mentorship and Independence training.

•We support young people to re-engage with education, into apprenticeships, work experience and work.

•Depending on the package of support, Young persons are offered a range of therapeutic interventions including one-to- one counselling, group-work sessions etc.

•Support in building self-confidence,self-esteem and making positive choices.

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